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A volunteer-run, not-for-profit, do-it-yourself bicycle workshop where you’ll be shown how to fix and look after your bike. Its ‘Bike Hospital’ offers mechanics at public events to share bicycle skills. No companies that sold electric bicycles in this guide had an adequate minerals sourcing policy, and so were marked down under the Habitats and Resources and Human Rights categories. Although it constitutes a small part of the UK bicycle market at present, demand for electric bicycles is increasing fast and is expected to increase a lot more. We have therefore created a separate electric bicycle guide which rates the top ten electric bikes as rated by ‘A to B’ magazine, plus those offered by the biggest bike brands in the UK. This guide to bicycles explores the ethical policies and practices of the UK’s top selling bicycle brands (plus a few British-made bikes), to identify the ‘greenest’ bike of them all.

  • Stringent rules drafted in the name of ethics interfere with the growth and profitability of businesses.
  • Not only are products from Christiania Bikes environmentally friendly, the mindset of the production is also highly focused on being that.
  • Nube turns recycled plastic into responsible and fashionable activewear, designed and made in the US.
  • The Accell Group, for example, has improved its Environmental Reporting score to a middle by setting environmental reduction targets, including reducing waste by 2-4% per bike per year and CO2e emissions by 1.5% annually.

You can sometimes hire or borrow a bicycle that you are considering buying, to try it, just ask the store about your options. The interior of the box has no sharp edges to avoid scratching or fingers getting caught. All materials are of excellent quality and from natural and environmentally friendly resources.The 9mm plywood panels are riveted to heavy duty steel profiles and tightly bolted to a light aluminium front frame.

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This could be done through a range of deliberative processes and consultations. Having a diverse team helps prevent biases and encourages more creativity and diversity of thought. ‘User needs’ are the needs that a user has of a service, and which that service must satisfy for the user to get the right outcome for them.

The inclusion of motorcycle routes on Google Maps has additionally been a boon to cyclists across the country on the lookout for the safest and most direct routes. With so many tools and new infrastructure, it may be excessive time to go away the automobile parked and hop in your bicycle. Chron recommends a policy that impacts how employees speak with customers, the way in which products are advertised and described, and the times of day that potential customers can be contacted. This prohibits employees from lying to clients or purposefully misleading them in order to attract new customers or to attain a sale.


Accell group also monitors its energy efficiency, CO2 emission and waste reduction programmes on an annual basis. Companies that retail leather without a leather sourcing policy also lose marks under the Pollution and Toxics and Animal Rights categories. Tannery effluent also contains large amounts of other pollutants, such as protein, hair, salt, lime sludge and acids. These can all pollute the land, air and water supply, making it a highly polluting industry. This ‘floating hire’ model is fairly new to the UK, and teething problems have occurred with some bicycles getting vandalised, stolen and left clogging up walkways or canals. A list of other dockless bike hire schemes can be found onCycling UK’s website.

We also cover issues such as e-waste, privacy, big tech and reducing our carbon footprint. We also cover issues from toxic chemicals, sustainability, permaculture and recycling. Guides to ethical energy suppliers, home energy options, alternative technologies.