Businesses bike: 5 Bike-Related Business Ideas 2021

Businesses bike: 5 Bike-Related Business Ideas 2021

Businesses bike: Cycling is one of the activities that are “on the rise” during the corona pandemic in 2020. This cycling trend of course has an impact on business activities in the bicycle sector.

According to the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), bicycle sales have increased by four times in 2020 compared to 2019. This bicycle trend does not only occur in Indonesia but also in various other countries in the world.

Until early 2021, the trend of cycling is still visible on the highways in various cities. The increase in cycling activity occurs because people are looking for alternative sports facilities after various sports facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, stadiums, and so on are still not open due to reducing the potential for transmission of the corona virus.

Well, this popular cycling activity has a number of business potentials, you know! we can take advantage of this potential by having a side business or even managing a business as your main livelihood. Check out the various business ideas in the bicycle sector, who knows, you can thicken your pocket during a pandemic like today!

1. Bike Photography Businesses

For some cyclists, cycling alone is not enough. Cycling requires a camera to capture photos and then upload them on social media as part of self-existence. You often see netizens uploading photos of cycling, right?

People’s desire to show their activities on social media can be an opportunity for photographers to offer bicycle photography services or photography that specifically captures cycling activities.

On this occasion, photographers can take advantage of it, because they have photographic equipment such as cameras to adequate lenses.

2. Bike Wash Businesses

At this time, vehicle washing services mostly include cars, motorcycles, or large vehicles such as trucks or buses. Bike washing services are still very rare.

Just like other vehicles, when we often use bicycles, we have to clean it too. Bicycle washing services can be one of the business opportunities in responding to this cycling trend.

This service can be offered by a motorcycle or car washing business owner as a new line of business. In addition, this opportunity can also be utilized by opening a bicycle washing business. Of course, washing your bike doesn’t just mean washing your bike, but also polishing it so that it shines.

3. Bicycle Accessories and Parts

Basically, a bicycle consists of many parts, from tires, and chains to frames. Various parts that are not impossible can be damaged at any time and require repair or even replacement.

In addition, bicycles are also more attractive if you add various accessories such as lights, drinking containers, bells, and so on. Cyclists also need various equipment such as helmets to special cycling clothes.

This need is, of course, a business opportunity in the form of selling bicycle accessories or spare parts. Sellers can take advantage of the marketplace to social media to offer their wares.

4. Bike Service Businesses

At this time, bicycle service services are not as many as car or motorcycle service services. In fact, the demand for bicycle repair is also increasing along with the increase in bicycle users. Not all cyclists can repair their own bicycles.

We can exploit this supply-side gap to offer bicycle services. Of course, this bicycle service can be operated by people who are experienced and understand how to repair bicycles.

5. Buying and Selling Used Bikes

The last idea is to buy and sell used bicycles. Someone can be an intermediary or broker who facilitates the sale and purchase of bicycles from the seller and the buyer.

From the intermediary services, the intermediary can profit a certain percentage or a certain amount of money from the transactions that occur. At this time, it is not uncommon for someone to feel bored with the bike they have and then want to sell it immediately to get money to buy a new bike.

On the other hand, many people are also eyeing a used bicycle because they think it is cheaper than buying a new one.