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In addition, the simpler a bicycle is mechanically, in theory the easier it is to maintain. Steel and aluminium are also easier to recycle and use in making new bicycle frames. Of the 57% of the UK population which owns a bike, 16% have two and a further 13% have three or more.

  • We regularly update our methodology to stay on top of emerging issues—ensuring our ratings are relevant, useful, and timely, so you can always make the best choices for you.
  • A list of other dockless bike hire schemes can be found onCycling UK’s website.
  • Boris bikes, now known as Santander cycles, use docking stations that are dotted around London.
  • Some examples include committing to reduce paper waste by switching to digital receipts and invoices, and more effective waste and recycling procedures for employees.

This could be expertise from another government department, academia or public body. If data is non-sensitive, non-personal, and if Data Sharing Agreements with the supplier allow it, you should make the data open and assign it a digital object identifier . For example, scientists share data when publishing a paper on Figshare and Datadryad.

It is still one of the lightest and fastest cargo bikes on the market. 4.7 Share your models – developed data science tools should be made available for scrutiny wherever possible . Remember that depending on where the data came from, the field may not represent what the field name or metadata indicates. Your organisation and information assurance teams will be responsible for this at a high level including ensuring policies and training are in place. However, it is essential to show how you are doing this at an individual level, through thorough documentation of things like Data Protection Impact Assessments. Avoid forming homogenous teams, embrace diversity of lived experiences of people from different backgrounds.

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It is run by a small team of volunteers, who recycle and sell bikes (usually for under £50). Profits go towards the community projects run by the Peace House. Boris bikes, now known as Santander cycles, use docking stations that are dotted around London.

These include Intro to Bike Maintenance, Wheel Building and Build your own Bike. Any income subsidises classes and shop time for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to gain access to bikes and bicycle education. London Bike Hubsells recycled bicycles and offers maintenance and cycle training. Donated bikes are also reused in its projects, such as programmes training people with learning disabilities and ex-service personnel to repair bikes.

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Point of sale systems work as the backbone of both online and in-person retail businesses. Designed to work as a complete business management system, you can control all aspects of your company from one cloud-based system. Business ethics promote teamwork and cooperation since all employees are expected to act in the same respectful manner.

Donated bikes are repaired and given to those who might not otherwise have access. A workers’ co-operative that recycles bikes and promotes cycling activities (including bicycle polo – see their website for more details!). It offers workshop repairs; runs courses in maintenance, cycle training, and wheel building; and operates a ‘tool club’ where people can come along and use their workshop for a yearly price of £15. Rules and regulations surrounding ethical practices are often inspired by personal and business ethics held by the owner. The ethics code is about doing the right thing and treating people how you’d like to be treated yourself.

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WFSGI partnered with Convey to help its members remove on-line brand abuses. Compliance & Risks help firms monitor and manage compliance laws, standards and requirements to better mitigate risk. PeopleForBikes works on the local and nationwide level to foyer for significant change in bike infrastructure and safer, higher rides for each rider. Trek is committed to combating racial injustice and putting an finish to systemic racism within the biking industry and beyond. In February 2020 Nike was listed as a member of the US Council for International Business . Ethical Consumer regarded USCIB to be a corporate lobby group which lobbied for free trade at the expense of the environment, animal welfare, human rights or health protection.