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In some areas, demand is much heavier than others, with holiday resorts likely to enjoy good business throughout the summer season, but reduced inthe winter months. The retailer has to consider where the machines and equipment will be stored in the off-season. It could be that if new machines are used and sufficient hire charges made to cover the costs, then these could be serviced and sold off as second hand at the end of the period. A good turn round of stock will be achieved and a good hire rate demanded for the latest models on hire. At the right time of year most suppliers are keen to clear old stocks to make way for the new season, which means a smart hire operator can get good bikes at good prices.

Hours of training and dedication paid off once we all passed the finish line together. You can easily create your financial forecast by letting the software take care of the calculations for you. It’s also important to bear in mind that the financial forecast often needs to be modified after your first few meetings with the bank.

Location, Location, Location!

It should also provide its owners and leaders with what they want from life and employees with a happy and fulfilling workplace. Ultimately, from an owner’s perspective, a successful business is one that can operate effectively without their constant input and attention. At the start of a new hire season, it is important that all members of staff are fully trained in the use of any new equipment. A demonstration should be given by management and steps taken to ensure that all staff are fully briefed. If there are local changes to roads or paths, i.e. introduction of shared use, etc, then again, all staff should be fully briefed in order to advise customers accordingly. Updating staff should be part of the annual pre-season preparations and should form part of the manager/mentor sign off procedure.

Much like a cover letter on a job application, the executive summary is the very first thing an investor will come across when reading your business plan. With this table, you’ll get an overview of your bike shop’s sales growth and monitor changes in the cost structure, enabling you to evaluate its profitability . All the safety tips and hints plus local knowledge like steep hills or stretches of road where cars are likely to be speeding. Warnings about exceptionally rough pieces of carriageway that may damage the cycle or places simply to be avoided would be useful. This is not an exhaustive list and should not prevent you from using existing documents that already work well for your business. However, these are put forward as a minimum requirement and you should ensure that the principles covered are included somewhere in your paperwork.

  • With information and sound advice, living up to your legal responsibilities to safeguard your employees, customers and visitors need not be difficult or costly.
  • While poor governance can bring serious legal consequences, the law can also protect business owners and managers and help to prevent conflict.
  • A brand new product and service designed exclusively for cycle retailers looking for a personal and specialised approach to business insurance.
  • ActSmart sells hire agreements with customer duplicates which have received full legal approval.

If you sell any type of food product you will be affected by food safety legislation. Knowing how and when you plan to sell or relinquish control of your business can help you to make better decisions and achieve the best possible outcome. Most business owners are very good at pedalling like mad to generate power in the back wheel – their business.

Looking back at this experience and my time spent cycling over the past years it is easy to see there are cross-references between cycling and running a business. Apart from the obvious skills that are developed (leadership, teamwork, competitiveness, determination etc.) cycling has more lessons to teach the business world. If you’d like more advice on any of the points mentioned above or any other element related to the creation or takeover of a bike shop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Using Excel and Word to create your business plan is the cheapest solution, but not the most efficient. From the rising popularity of eBikes, Dutch city bikes, and electric scooters, the bicycle market is constantly evolving. By highlighting your respective skills and levels of expertise in the field in which you’re launching the business, you can demonstrate your ability to successfully carry out the project.

Step 2: Processing The Hirers

The £40m Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Investment Fund provides debt and equity finance from £25,000 to £2 million to help growing small businesses across the region. It has been established by the British Business Bank in partnership with the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership and is operated by appointed fund managers The FSE Group. Whenever you find time to focus on your insurances, wherever you happen to be, you can use our carefully crafted online fact find to kickstart the quote process. From small incidents significant claims do occur, no business big or small is immune from the potential fallout. This is the key reason why we’ll recommend you opt for the highest liability limit you can reasonably afford, why limits of £5m and £10m are increasingly becoming the norm even for small businesses.

We worked closely with our bike shop partners to design the ultimate insurance product for bike shops – get the right fit for your business. Now that our guide is coming to an end, we hope that you have a clearer idea of how to write the business plan for your bike shop. A business plan enables you to take a detailed look at your business model and identify exactly what steps you’ll need to take to launch your bike shop – as well as how much cash is required. More progressive retailers know that the newest machines will attract higher fees and may even lead to a sale if the customer is really taken with the one he is riding. It is important that we all introduce new people to the pleasures of cycling and an enjoyable ride on a good hire bike is a vital part of that process. Circular routes can often be the most profitable because the hire operator can charge an hourly rate rather than a full day rate.

ArmaUrto (, an innovative provider of protective cycle wear, has secured a £150k equity investment from the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Investment Fund , as part of a larger £300k funding round. The investment round was led by The FSE Group, the appointed fund manager of CIOSIF. Our Bike Shop Insurance launch marks our first major product launch since opening Bikmo for Business, which is our specialist commercial insurance service exclusively serving the cycling sector.

It’s crucial that your insurer recognises this from the start, avoiding eye-watering cover potholes when it comes to public and products liability. Pedal Power, Doncaster’s oldest bike shop, reopens under new management and a new look. Doncaster’s oldest bike shop, Pedal Power, has reopened under a new management – and has been given a fresh new look.